A beautiful yellow caterpillar.

An Ahaetulla vine snake.

Indrella ampulla, a large snail species, endemic to the Western Ghats region.

Home to some of the richest biodiversity on our planet, the Rainforest Retreat at Mojo Plantation is becoming recognized as one of the finest birding and trekking destinations in South India. You can learn all about the amazing flora and fauna of the Western Ghats rainforests by exploring our links:

Rhacophorus malabaricus - Malabar Gliding Tree-frogs during the mating season.

Attacus atlas, The Atlas Moth - the world's largest species of moth, found on the Mojo Plantation after the monsoon.

Cinnyris lotenius, Loten's Sunbird.

Lotus flower.

Some beautiful creatures come in small packages!