Monsoon and Gliding Frogs

With our numerous streams, tanks and dense canopy, Mojo is a hot-spot for amphibians. The tree frogs in particular become active with the early rains in May and June as they have been patiently
waiting in the canopies.

We have documented several rare species of amphibians here but the gliding frogs (Rhacophorus malabaricus and its smaller and extremely rare cousin Rhacophorus lateralis) seem to be a favorite with everyone.

They are present in good numbers at several different sites on the property -- you don’t have to go hunting for them. There is no better place than Mojo to see and photograph these unique creatures.

Another ‘Malabar’ native that is closely associated with the gliding frogs is Trimeresurus malabaricus –- the Malabar pit viper. They seem to find each other quite frequently, and judging from the time it took this snake to subdue it, the gliding frogs may have evolved some immunity to the pit vipers venom.

The early monsoon in June is the best time to experience the amazing herptofauna at Mojo.

Malabar Frog


Malabar Pit Viper