The Rainforest Retreat features 3 different types of accommodation to suit different tastes and budgets. Each of our unique cottages have been specially designed with natural beauty and comfort in mind and, over the years adorned with some lovely paintings by various artist friends. They are all set in lush green natural surroundings and
powered by eco-friendly 12V solar lighting.

220V current for charging gadgets is now available in the 2 dlx and drongo cottages.
Charging points and Wi-Fi are available at the common dining area. 

2 Deluxe Cottages

photo of Luna cottage

Luna Cottage

Luna Cottage features a beautiful central living room space with 2 separate double bedrooms (with attached bathrooms) and 2 verandas. It is next to the dining area and surrounded by a crystal clear stream and accommodates 4-6 persons.

photo of Atlas cottage

Atlas Cottage

Atlas Cottage has 2 independent bedroom units with attached western bathrooms. These are spacious family rooms with fireplace, and one features a cozy loft ideal for a couple of extra kids. It is about 50m on the other side of the stream from Luna cottage. 

photo of Drongo cottage

Drongo Cottage

This lovely, secluded cottage has been refurbished with a new attached kitchen to make it an ideal self-contained unit. It features 2 spacious bedrooms (one of which can be converted to dining/living area space), 2 bathrooms and 3 verandas and is ideal for a family. It is now powered by a new solar system; so there is 220V current available for charging all your gadgets. There is mobile phone connectivity at the cottage, and one can get good internet connectivity using a portable 4G Hotspot Wi-Fi Data Device.

photo of Tent

Adobe Huts

Two artistically designed Adobe Huts have replaced the tents and are located near the Plantation Cottage overlooking a cardamom valley. These natural and truly sustainable earthen rooms have a special feel to them. The spacious Butterfly room can accommodate 2 -3 persons while the smaller Mandala room is suitable for a single or couple. Each hut has its own separate toilet and wash room a few metres away.


The Drongo Cottage and Adobe Art Huts are located inside the plantation about 250 metres away from the central dining area. Access is via a natural unpaved path and requires climbing some stone steps; so it may not be suitable for seniors or small children. Please bring good walking shoes and flashlights.

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  • Each cottage has 2 independent bedroom units. Price shown is for double occupancy for 1 room.
  • Extra persons sharing a room are charged at ₹1750/person per night. Children ages 5-10 are at ₹750/child per night.
  • Tariff includes bed and breakfast and afternoon tea/coffee and some in-house activities. Half and full day guided treks are charged extra, and need to be booked in advance.
  • Lunch and dinner available at extra cost.
  • Booking confirmation requires full payment in advance.
  • All booking is coordinated by email:
  • There is a 15% surcharge on all bookings from Dec 15 to Jan 5.
  • There is an additional 10% service charge on all bookings.
  • We do not provide accommodation for drivers.
  • No Plastics allowed here — please take back any that you bring along.

Check in by 12 noon.
Check out by 10 am.

Also read our FAQ section

Community Dining

Please note that meals are served buffet style in the common dining area.

Guests in the Drongo cottage have to walk 300m to the common dining area for all meals.

Our open dining area is set amongst dense greenery at the edge of a lovely stream near the deluxe cottages.

All our delicious and wholesome meals are prepared with mostly organic ingredients and moderately spiced, so the delicate flavors are enhanced. (we have a deadly habanera chilie sauce for those who like it hot!).

Some of the spices (cardamom, pepper, chilies, allspice, tumeric, ginger, and cinnamon), fruits and vegetables used in the cuisine are grown here and others sourced from local farms.

We prepare our own whole delicious wheat breads, cakes, condiments such as jam and pickles and cheeses.

Please let us know if you have a preference for vegetarian or non-veg foods. Beer, soda and juice are available for an extra charge.

Comments on the cuisine

Thank you for the food. It was very delicious and I loved the bread and cake.
Owen MacIntosh - Canada

The food is amazing and the hospitality is homely.
Rohan & Gargi - Bangalore

Thank you for the delicious organic food and the fact that you kept my allergies in mind and customised the meals for our vegan preferences. It's the best food I have eaten in India.
David & Laura - Berlin

The food ...god, the food was awesome!! Loved the food and the jam and the bamboo pickle. Never knew that fruits could taste this good.
Ishrat Gill - Delhi

Other testimonials