Educational Programs for Schools

The Rainforest Retreat has developed into an educational platform to raise awareness about environmental issues, especially the importance of biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture.

Nestled in the rainforests of Kodagu district in southern India, we offer unique experiential learning programs especially designed for students to engage closely with the environment through a hands-on approach.

Students participate in all kinds of farm activities which vary by season. One important activity is to get familiar with the soil (through composting and gardening) which supports all life. Other seasonal activities can include harvesting of crops such as coffee, vanilla, cardamom, pepper, tumeric.

Typical 5-day program (PDF)
This program can be tailored to meet the needs of students from the ages of 10 up to university level.

Some of the Topics covered

photo of plantation

Rainforest Ecology

Various aspects of rainforest eco-systems are introduced, starting with the fragile layer of soil with its millions of microbes and networks of fungi to plants and trees and the animals that inhabit the rainforest. The interaction and inter-dependence of various components of this intricate ecosystem are highlighted.

photo of compost collection


Mojo Plantation is a certified 20-acre organic spice farm. An inter-active farm tour is followed up by discussions about the ecological damage caused by intensification of agriculture and overuse of toxic agri chemicals.

photo of mud workshop

Sustainable Living

Sustainability is our guiding principle at the Rainforest Retreat. Our eco-tourism project is closely linked with our organic spice farm and our environmental education programs and all of them emphasize SUSTAINABILITY. Recycling, use of alternate energy systems like photovoltaic panels, solar heating, bio-gas, rain water harvesting, eco-friendly design and construction will be demonstrated.

Some schools we have hosted include:

Akshara, Bangalore; BVB Kodagu Vidyalaya, Madikeri; Mallya Aditi School, Bangalore; Rishi Valley School, Madnaphalle; Shloka School, Hyderabad; Stonehill, Bangalore; NCBS Wildlife Program, Bangalore; Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore; University of Guelph, Canada; William and Mary College, Virginia, USA.