The Rainforest Retreat is all about harmony with nature. Many of our guests enjoy helping with the garden and other ongoing farm activities while others are content to find a hammock and a book from our library and soak in the lovely environment.

This area is safe and accessible for self-exploration so we have mapped out several trails that take you along scenic hills and dense sholas with streams. Other activities include an informative plantation tour, excellent birding, and interesting night walks and slide shows.

Our programs here are designed to enable you to appreciate the importance of biodiversity,
its relationship to agriculture, our daily lives and the future health of our planet.

Keeping domestic animals is an integral part of organic farming and a visit to the Animal House
is always enjoyable for children – especially when there are newborns.

Guided half and full day treks, birding tour and jeep excursions are available at extra cost and must be booked in advance.

We can arrange transport to places like Talacuvery, Dubare elephant camp and Tibetan Monastery.

Plantation Tour

Plantation Tour

One of the key activities for our guests is an interpretive tour of the farm to show how our crops are sustainably cultivated and integrated into a rainforest ecosystem and the various methods we employ. This leads to discussions about a variety of issues such as sustainable livelihoods, importance of biodiversity, health and environmental effects of toxic agri-chemicals, dangers posed by GMOs and corporate control of agriculture.


Trekking & Excursions

Mandalpatti drive

We offer a variety of Nature Walks (accompanied by a trained guide) through evergreen rainforests and idyllic landscapes. You can participate in long rugged treks or opt for more leisurely walks but the memories of being in a tropical forest will linger long after you have returned home. Try a guided night walk to discover nocturnal creatures. Local Jeep excursions are possible.



picture of Trogon

Our dense canopies, abundant streams and surrounding grasslands provide home to a large variety of endemic species as well as seasonal visitors. Our bird list has over 100 species and is ever growing with contributions from our guests. Some of the commonly seen ones are shown here.

Slide Presentations introduce you to the remarkable range of biodiversity we have documented.